The best animation websites do get creative with custom logos and personalized about pages that make for a memorable online portfolio without distracting from the art on display. We’ve rounded up nine standout animation portfolios that are sure to inspire graphic artists and designers of all kinds.


Find out more about the BA (Hons) 2D Digital Animation course within the School of Work on simulated real-world briefs & build an impressive portfolio.

This makes your message easier to comprehend and helps leave a more lasting experience. 2021-02-08 · Born in Reggio Calabria in 1983, 2D and 3D animator, he worked for several international studios such as Sergio Pablos Animation, Cartoon Network, The Line, Passion Pictures, Red Knuckles and Nørlum in the field both of cinema (Klaus, Tout en Haut du Monde, Giallo a Milano) and television (The Amazing World of Gumball). Learn design courses with 100% practical knowledge & real works. Build portfolio for 2D Digital Art, 3D Art, Animation Portfolio, Fine Art Projects. Apply Now Our 2D Animation Services. We are a 2D animations company that creates projects fully tailored to specific needs such as styles, techniques, formats, etc. Regardless of the use cases, it is very easy to create animated 2D characters and environments with our team.

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A skilled, 2D Animator and Designer. Bringing characterful shape, design and colour to life. I am a freelance illustrator and 2D animator based in Nantes, France. I work mostly in games and advertising. If you want to hire me or discuss a project, please use my contact page or the details below. Email: chent @ Phone: +33 (0) Recently graduated from Classical Animation of Vancouver Film School (2019) and actively searching for a job as a 2D animator, concept artist, Harmony animator/builder, layout artist or character designer.


We are looking for an in-house experienced 2D Animator to create characters in the spirit of Disney and Nickelodeon and produce creative 2D animation. This is a full time, in-house position in the Houston, TX area. We are looking for a candidate with 5 years of 2D animation experience with a solid professional portfolio.

I am currently looking for work in a 2D Animator role while I self study 3D character modelling and animation. 2018-12-17 I am a freelance illustrator and 2D animator based in Nantes, France. I work mostly in games and advertising.

Animator 2d portfolio

ArtStation Portfolios. by Kristen Harris. on November 20, 2020. Animation 1. Bailey Armstrong · Harper Alizadeh- 2D Animator/Concept Artist. Austin Nichols

I studied digital media at I found my love for animation a few years ago, and since the field has changed greatly. Motion has Very speedy 2D animator using After Effects.

Animator 2d portfolio

Learn anywhere, anytime, and at your own pace with our online courses. Admissions; Portfolio Review  The two-year Videogame Art & Animation program is an art-based diploma your drawing skills which will help you to develop your portfolio and prepare for a   Addlit advertising infotech, portfolio 2d 3d animations. The complete solution provider company for your mass communication Media projects through popular   If you want a career in 2D and Stop Motion for film and TV, then this is the course in the animated film and TV industry as a 2D artist, animator, stop-motion artist, (Year 1 entry only); Semester dates; Typical offer: 96-112 poin 26 Dec 2018 Portfolio in the Media Arts & Animation program It's often good to have a section for life drawing in many jobs you may be applying for. World's largest website for 2D Animation Jobs.
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Animator 2d portfolio

Animation 1. Bailey Armstrong · Harper Alizadeh- 2D Animator/Concept Artist. Austin Nichols 3 days ago Hello there! I'm Funie101, but you can call me “Funie”. I'm a game developer and I'm offering my services as a 2D artist and a Animator.

Learn the foundations and practice of animation, from character design to top- end computer graphics and 3D graphics. Portfolio Review Material 2D animators focus on creating characters, backgrounds and scene transitions, bringing There are a variety of fun, clear 2D animation, motion graphics, and imaginative illustrations.
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Jul 11, 2018 Leading animators explain how to showcase your artwork. effects studio or a character animation studio, you have to tailor your portfolio to the "If you've done work in any other categories like life draw

Whether your animation portfolio includes clips of your work, examples of storyboard designs, or detailed concept artwork, a clean design and carefully curated selection are key to showing off your talents. Rafael Pizzo is a Digital Designer with background in 2D animation, focused in Art Direction for anime and games.